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The purpose of this site is to coordinate genealogical research on the Iseli Family. Information sources, publications, and raw data sets will be provided for the use of any Family researcher. This is a Surname Genealogy. That is, we are tracing primarily the paternal line of descent, although many allied families are included in our records. If there is an Iseli in your family tree, we want to know about it!

The phases of the project

Initially, one of the phase aimed to publish a unified family genealogy by 2001. This date has long passed, so here's a new roadmap.

  1. In 1996-1997 we focused on gathering as much information from old family trees as possible and typing them in the computer. The main source for this were the genealogies compiled by Julius Billeter, which we found on LDS microfilms (mormons). In the mean time however, we heard that the quality of his work was not always very high, so we will have to go through our data again and double check the entries.
  2. The resulting family tree is now online. Errors can be fixed and blanks can be filled out by any family member who registered and was approved. This way, we will be able to fill in the currently living persons and try to link them to existing branches.
  3. Once we have our data and enough volunteers, we can go back to the archives and check the individuals, try to find the mising links and families.
  4. Our final goal remains to produce a unified genealogy which will be published in print. However, we are still very far away from this goal.

Volunteers Wanted!

Interested in genealogy research? It's easy - we're doing it, so it has to be! Want to contribute to this web site? Here's a few ways to help out:

If you want to make a more substantial contribution, the Family site could use...

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